Is constructed by agglutinated foils that can be adjusted in thickness with the help of a knife peeling of the foils. Laminum® simplify assembly and reparations and reduces investment costs in converting machines.



Foil thickness 

Cold rolled steel:
0.5 - 3.2 mm

Stainless steel:
0.4 - 1.6 mm 

 0.05 or 0.075 mm


Thicker shims
Laminum® in thicker materials can be offered by delivering two or more identical shims bundled up or glued together.

For example: 3.2 + 1.6 = 4.8 mm.


Manufacturing and use advices for laminum®

How do I change the thickness of laminum®?
The foils are peeled of with a sharp knife by loosing one foil at a time from the edge of the shim. From punched parts of laminum® shims the foil is peeled of at the round cut edge. If a shim has several cutting edges, the edges should always be on the same side of the shim.

Can Laminum® be manufactured by drawing?
Laminum® shims are manufactured in several quantities also single ones and by measurements or drawing.

How is Laminum® Manufactured?
If the size and number allow a punching manufacturing technique is preferable. If not the parts must be manufactured by a chip producing cutting method. To prevent that Laminum® is deformed when processed it is advisable to manufacture Laminum® with a larger web width then what is common when it comes to massive materials. A rule of thumb is that the web width should be 3 times the thickness.




Plastics is a colour coded plastic foil where the colour specify the thickness. It is used for shims and can be a very profitable alternative.


By the color coded foil thickness (for example white=0.250 mm, pink = 0.037 mm) it is easy to choose the right foil and/or combine them to a suitable thickness without using micrometer. To add to this the plastic foil has the advantage that it can be used both as sealing, isolator and shim.


Long lifetime - Plastics in polyester and polypropylene have high resistance against corrisopn and chemicals. Polyester plastics also have high compression strenght, and resistance agains shrinking and scratches. In contrast to steel the polyester regains it's original shape after its been heavily bended.


Advantages for electronic industry - Due to the high disruptive strenght of Lamiplast(Especially polyester Plastics) it is very suitable for usage in electronical appliances.
Is delivered in full sheets that can be punched or cut to get the right shape.



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